July 2010                              Compiled monthly by Phyllis King, Head Injury Survivor                             Volume 21, Number 7

The following is from a book of devotions by Linda Lamb, Head Injury Survivor of Brookville, Pennsylvania.


The Solid Rock

 “I lay a stone in Zion,
      a chosen and precious cornerstone,
   and the one who trusts in him
      will never be put to shame.”
See 1 Peter 2:4–9 (NIV)


    Did you ever try to move a big rock in your own power, perhaps out of your garden or yard? It was much more bigger than you. In your own strength you could not move it.

    Rocks can be very solid and hard to budge. This can be very good for a dependable foundation, such as for a home.  The cornerstone is the most important part of our homes and must be correct. It is the foundation of the entire home.

    As Christians, we know that CHRIST is our cornerstone. He is the most important Rock we build on for our lives. We can depend on Him to be stable and secure. 

    Even in times of storm, He is our safe Rock. He is precious and unchanging.

    Christ is our solid Rock—find stability in Him.

Dear LORD, you are our Rock.
Thank you, In JESUS’ name. Amen.

 Hi Phyllis,

I just got to reading MTS today and, as usual, was greatly comforted by the words of others who have walked through struggles.  Saturday a week ago (May 29) my husband Wayne's dad died. He was 90, and ready to go, but it still leaves a hole in our lives.
Anyway, it was especially good to hear from folks who know God's grace and faithfulness in difficult times.

Nancy Wedemeyer
Austin, Texas
Friend of Head Injury Survivor

    Perhaps God's plan isn't for complete healing. When I think I have surrendered to the ultimate (the death of my husband), then God begins to ask for further surrender, a deeper giving of myself to Him. And because I see how He has guided and provided all along the way, it makes it easier to take the next step of surrender.

        Jill Vanderhoof
        Wife of Head Injury Survivor

    To purchase this 52-page book, send $4.50 to

            Don & Jill Vanderhoof
            1 Cross Court
            Greenville, SC 29607

 Dear Phyllis,

    In addition to having had a brain injury, I also have a diagnosis of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) now, along with others who have it.  I’ve seen other folks struggle with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, mental disorders, learning disabilities—and all sorts of other difficulties.

    I have come to think I have so much to be thankful for, and many, many people are also survivors. A lot of people have had to overcome a lot in many different ways, and some battle diseases, etc., that only get worse without God’s intervention. How grateful we can be to be functioning. It is a blessed gift of God.

    Perhaps people with other types of difficulties could benefit from More Than Survivors, too, or might feel they could offer something helpful, whether or not their diagnosis is specifically a head injury.

    Please understand that I am in no way trying to diminish that importance of this Christian perspective Paper dedicated to support of each of us with a brain injury diagnosis or how special each individual and each article is.

In Christian love,

Linda Lamb
Brookville, Pennsylvania
Head Injury and COPD Survivor

 The Uncircumcised Philistine

by  Sandra Stone Lehmann
Phoenix, Arizona
Head Injury Survivor

Do you remember the story of David and Goliath? Do you recall that he was just a shepherd boy who was out watching his father’s flocks, because he was too small in stature to be a warrior? That job was given to his older brothers. However, David was experienced with his method of fighting—he used his bare hands and a slingshot. He was the protector of his father’s sheep, and he depended on God-given strength to accomplish his task.

One day, Jesse, his father, became concerned about his older sons, and the battle; so he sent David to check it out for him, and to deliver supplies to them and their captain. What did he find when he reached the battle site? Oh, yes, the entire Israelite army was marching to battle with shouts and battle cries. The Israelite and Philistine armies faced off as they had for the past forty days. Goliath, who stood over nine feet tall, strutted and taunted the Israelite warriors, and begged them to “send a man to fight me, if he kills me, we will be your slaves, if I kill him, you will be our slaves.” For forty days the scene had been the same, the army of God turned and retreated, consumed with fear.

David immediately inquired as to the status of the battle. What was he told? “We cannot go up against these people. They are giants, and they will consume us. There is one who stands and shakes his fist and just laughs at us.” His own brother told him to go home. Do you remember David’s response to this? He was incensed to think that the “Army of God” would allow this to take place. He knew his history, and he knew that God was on their side. What was their problem? Had they ceased to trust and have faith in the God who t had delivered them so many times in the past? If this battle was directed, by God, would He let them suffer defeat?  

So, David asks this all-important question. “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?” After more conversation, he is so disgusted with his fellowmen that he states he will go up against Goliath. You know the story—they tried to fit him with Saul’s armor, and it was too large. David settled for his own method. He picked five smooth stones from the brook and headed for the front line—there he would engage this defiant enemy of God Almighty.

Just as he had previously done, with success, Goliath began to taunt and sneer at this boy sent to do a man’s job! According to him, he was going to “give David’s flesh to the birds and wild animals!” He wasn’t laughing for much longer.

David’s adrenalin had to be maxed out, at this point! Get David’s response firmly affixed in your mind! “You come to me with sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies—the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.  Today the Lord will conquer you, and I will kill you and cut off your head.  And then I will give the dead bodies of your men to the birds and wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel! And everyone assembled here will know that the Lord rescues his people, but not with sword and spear. This is the Lord’s battle, and he will give you to us!”

Incensed at this response, Goliath advanced for attack. David did not hesitate, he ran quickly to meet him. He whirled that sling around and around, and, at the appropriate time, he let the stone fly out.  The God-guided missile found its mark, the middle of Goliath’s forehead. Now, there was a shout of victory in the camp, Goliath was dead! (Read this saga in 1 Samuel, chapters 17 and 18.)

Sometimes, on our journey, we, occasionally, come upon giants of our own. What is our position? Do we cower in fear, or do we launch our missile of faith, and let God be God? Is there something in your life defeating you? Can you identify the uncircumcised Philistines in your life? Do you know your history? If you are a born again child of God, do you understand who you are?  

You are the Righteousness of God, and according to Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon formed against you can prosper.”

There is no problem so large that God cannot solve it. Just like the shepherd-boy, David, we must do our part. Did you ever wonder why David chose five stones? He was prepared for the next giant that just might appear to avenge Goliath’s demise. We must get prepared with God’s Word, step up to the line, and let God guide us to ultimate victory. It is His desire that we live victorious, abundant lives.

New Recommended Reading


    This is a new book by Barbara Garro, Head Injury Survivor of Saratoga Springs, New York. This is what she wrote to me about From Jesus to Heaven with Love:

    “For the last ten years post head injury, I spent much time researching and writing my new book, From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage so that readers of all ages could take a personal journey through 33 of Jesus' parable stories in an interactive way with questions and exercises including affirmations.”

    In the book, she writes this:

    “Take yourself on this personal journey of spiritual growth and more loving relationships with yourself, God, and those in your life. That’s what Jesus wanted for humanity when he shared His parables as our redeeming God and Brother. Jesus’ parables show you how to love unselfishly, heal your hurts, and find your way home to God. And, He told His stories in simple terms the masses could understand.”

    “An evergreen reference, From Jesus to Heaven with Love gives each parable stand-alone power, as Jesus did. You can look up a specific parable and read a parable a day for spiritual enrichment. From Jesus to Heaven with Love can be your prayer partner. When you are troubled, you can rely on From Jesus to Heaven with Love to get comfort directly from Jesus. Always, you have the option to open the book randomly for guidance, which encourages you to keep From Jesus to Heaven with Love in a special place.”   (From page 14)

    I recommend this book to you. You can download it online for $6.95 at <ebooksonthe.net>. It will be available in paperback in November. More information will be coming.

© 2002 Cover art, “Jesus Lord” by Barbara Garro

Victory in Temptation

Part 1

by  Martha Hutcheson
                              Augusta, Georgia                               
   Head Injury Survivor

For those of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and LORD, we will be aware of Satan’s attempts to cause us to sin against our loving Savior, who is our righteous and holy God. Satan wants us to grieve the heart of God through our giving in to Satan and his demons’ temptations. Following Satan instead of our Holy God is sin. Sin is disobeying any of God’s Laws that He has written in His Holy Word, the Bible. 

1 John 3:4Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.”     

Romans 5:19 “For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” Through Adam’s disobedience, we were all made sinners. Through God, the Son’s (Jesus Christ’s) obedience, many can be made righteous.

Sin is disobeying God, the Holy Spirit, who was given to us to teach us, comforts us, and convicts us of sin. (Read John 16:7–14.)

There is great hope for us. The more that we know about our God and as our relationship with Him grows, the more we will be able to trust God for His help when trials and temptations come.  God’s Word says that we can be victorious through the strength of our loving Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

What an encouragement it is to know that we don’t have to fight temptations by ourselves. Ephesians 6:10–18 tells us we must put on “the whole armour of God” so that we may be able to fight against “principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” 

This article first appeared on the website <devotionaledifys.wordpress.com>.


    New Prayer Requests  

June 8, 2010

Say Phyllis,                       

I quit the Baylor College of Medicine in December 2006 because I had started in seminary in May of 2005. I wanted to become a Christian Counselor. I graduated in April of 2008 with a 3.03 grade point average! I needed a job very badly after not working and having to pay for seminary for a year and a half. God opened a door for me to get a job at Second Baptist Church of Houston, making $10,000 less than I did working for the Baylor College of Medicine for. So now I've got a chance to put my Seminary Christian Counseling Degree to work with The Star of Hope here in Houston! I would get a good raise from what I get now.

I've had two interviews and it's looking very good!

Please pray that if it's God's Will, I'll get hired and be able to bring far more Glory, Honor, and Praise to our Lord Jesus every day He brings me to!

June 23, 2010

I’ve called and emailed them twice. But no answer and no reply, YET! 

It may be God just improving my patience or opening a door for me at Second Baptist!

Christopher Payne
Houston, TX
Head Injury Survivor

†                    †                    †



    Hello. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I wrote stories for MTS in the ’90s.

    I'm now requesting prayer for myself. My husband Bernard (Ben) went to be with our Lord on January 20, 2009. He had cancer. My son Joshua moved to San Diego about eight months ago. So it’s just my dog and me.

    I will tell you a few blessings I've received. I know for sure that Ben is in Heaven. My boss, who is a Pastor, saw Ben a few times in a few of the hospitals he was in. Ben told her that he was ready to be with the Lord. She told him that the employees at work will take care of Michele. That’s what Ben was fearing the most if he died. I’m getting along but not liking being alone. I’m very lonely.

In Jesus name, love,

Michele T. Babcock
Tempe, Arizona
Head Injury Survivor


    Prayer Request Updates 

For Steve Sauder

Hello Dear Friends,

  Thank you for your continual prayers for Steven. The "spells" are somewhat better with the new seizure medication, but it has caused sleeping and muscle problems, so we'd appreciate prayer for that. In addition, I (Vicki) had a bit of a concussion a couple weeks ago and also have some intense problems with my foot, making it quite difficult to walk. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!
Reading Ephesians 3 in my quiet time, I especially noticed vs. 10 and 11: ". . . that through the church the complicated, many-sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects might now be made known to the angelic rulers and authorities in the heavenly sphere.  This is in accordance with the terms of the eternal and timeless purpose which He has realized and carried into effect in Christ Jesus our Lord. . . " (Amplified Version).

He was specifically talking about the mystery formerly hidden but now made known (vs. 9) regarding the awesome plan of salvation now available to both Jew and Gentile, made especially clear to the heavenly powers by the church and the unity of Jew and Gentile together in Christ.

However, I was thinking . . . what do my actions, reactions, and words today say to the angelic rulers and authorities about God's infinite wisdom? What has God allowed in my life today to make known His awesomeness to others? And am I being a good steward of what God has allowed (good and bad) in my life today—or a bad steward of His trust to use me to show Who He is? Pretty awesome task.

Thanks again for all your prayers! Have a joy-filled day.

(for Steven and Vicki Sauder)
 Sarasota, Florida

For Marty

About a week and a half ago, Marty went back into the hospital again. He has a urinary tract infection from all the bed wounds that they sent him home with the last time, and low hemoglobin. Marty had one blood transfusion so far.

Pneumonia comes and goes a lot more than what we need at this time. Please uplift Marty in your prayers. We need some more miracles from the Heavenly Father. I believe that our Heavenly Father is like a father here on earth who truly loves his children.

Marty needs a clean urinary tract, clear lungs, all infection removed, and bed sores to be Healed in the Mighty Name and through the Blood of Our King and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen!

Marty's triplets, Amy, Beth, and Crystal all excelled in their 6th grade classes and moved on to 7th grade with honors and awards.

Reading, Pennsylvania
Sister of Head Injury Survivor

  From Phyllis

I  have received $130 toward the approximately $155 cost of printing and mailing. My special thanks to

    Marilete and Barb                           

All of the MTS family appreciates any contribution you make as our Lord leads and provides!

We don’t have Good News this month and won’t have it next month, because Diane McMaster is having cataract surgery. Please be praying for her.

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