September 2010                            Compiled monthly by Phyllis King, Head Injury Survivor                           Volume 21, Number 9

The following is from a book of devotions by Linda Lamb, of Brookville, Pennsylvania.

Eye Service


Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but like slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.

Ephesians 6.6–7 (NIV)


   When certain people were around—perhaps the boss or preacher or official—they seemed to be one way, but they were a bit different at other times. Perhaps they went to church on Sunday and seemed like they were one way, but they seemed to change during the days of the week. Our service is to be unto the LORD and not as unto men. We are told if we do things to be seen of men, we have our reward.


   Is impressing someone who probably doesn’t care much anyway a reward to you? How much better to do things for the CHRIST we love. People change quickly, so why try to impress them? GOD does not change, and His rewards are eternal if our service is from our heart unto Him. What a good reason to avoid eye-service (man pleasing) and from our hearts strive to please our LORD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST.

Dear LORD, help us please you.

 In JESUS’ name. Amen.





Praise God Again!


 I’ve always loved speaking in front of people. I was in drama in junior high and in high school. And I was Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther my junior year in high school. I would love to be a Christ-filled actor to change Hollywood for God’s Glory!


I’ve been director of Come Alive, my Bible Study class at Second Baptist Church of Houston, since 2007. I’ve had to speak the word because the teacher didn’t show up about 4 times now. One of our teachers has been teaching forever. So she wanted a year off. That’s when I was asked to be the teacher for the class! And I’ve been told by so many from the class that my teaching is getting better each time I do it! I’ve been working hard on this lesson. And I feel God is doing something very great through the message He’s writing through me to speak tomorrow night in Come Alive! It meets at 7:15 on Saturday nights.


And I’ve loved the Word of God so much since He called me back to Him after the wreck! I had graduated college 3 months before the wreck. I had never read a book in my entire life! But I’ve read the Bible 3.5 times, and I love it so much! And I continue getting up daily and reading it, having AWESOME quiet times and praying for all I know of that needs prayer!


And The Word of God is just coming to new life in me since I started teaching it to the class! I read it so much deeper now! And I get so much more out of it! I just want the whole world to realize that it is THE LIVING WORD OF GOD!


Christopher THE PRAYER WARRIOR Payne!

Houston, Texas

Head Injury Survivor

Feed My Sheep

If you love me, really love me, feed my sheep.

I’ll be with you ever and ever, a light to see—feed my sheep.


If you love me, really love me, go forth.

Baptize them in the name of the Holy Trinity—feed my sheep.


Take my story to all nations over dry and wet lands.

Bring them proverbs, psalms and stories, their wise ones be—feed my sheep.


Teach them ways of love and mercy to find peace. 

I’ll be with you, so call on me for clarity—feed my sheep.


Seek their hearts and grow their spirits. Like Garro, help them to promised eternity—feed my sheep.


Barbara Garro

Sarasota Springs, New York

Head Injury Survivor

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© 2002 Cover art, “Jesus Lord” by Barbara Garro





Journal Entry - December 12, 2000


“Doing the next thing” must be my motto, as I so often feel overwhelmed with the myriad of things that call, and often shout, my name for attention. Though I feel overwhelmed and often at the edge of crying, God gives me strength moment by moment.


        Jill Vanderhoof
        Wife of Head Injury Survivor

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            Don & Jill Vanderhoof
            1 Cross Court
            Greenville, SC 29607

Victory in Temptation

Part 3

by  Martha Hutcheson
                              Augusta, Georgia                               
   Head Injury Survivor

·  How was God glorified through Paul and Silas’s response to suffering for the sake of Christ? 


In Acts 16, you will see that “at midnight,” God sent an earthquake because Paul and Silas “sang praises to God” in spite of their pain and their being unable to move around. All the shackles around the feet of all the prisoners were opened, not just the shackles of Paul and Silas. All the doors to the prison were opened, and yet, not one prisoner ran away. 


·  Why did the prisoners stay in the prison instead of running for their freedom? 


It is common practice for prisoners to run when situations like this happen to them. Could it be that they did not run because they wanted to know more about this God of whom Paul and Silas were singing and praising?


 It is possible that, between the time Paul and Silas were thrown in to prison until the time of the earthquake, the other prisoners made fun of Paul and Silas, taunting them about a god who would allow them to suffer for preaching his teachings. It is also possible that, because Paul and Silas were at their weakest point physically because of the beatings, they were tempted by Satan, as our LORD Jesus Christ was tempted, according to Matthew 4:1–11. We know from other biblical incidents that Satan did not want God to be glorified through Paul and Silas and that Satan definitely did not want anyone to come to know the LORD Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior. We don’t know the number of hours between the time of the beatings and midnight, when Paul and Silas began praising God, but “thanks be unto God” (1 Corinthians 15:57), who gave Paul and Silas the victory over Satan’s temptations in their trial so that they began to sing and praise God at midnight. 


This article first appeared on the website <>.

The Parable of the Cheese Ball



by  Doug Cooper

Orlando, Florida

  Head Injury Survivor


Sin is like a handful of cheddar cheese balls, pleasing to the eye and mouth but leaving a dusting on everything that they touch. Eat enough of them, and they actually stain your hands and leave you with orange lips and tongue.  


Such it is with sin. But Moses chose to be “set apart” rather than “enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time” (Hebrews 11:25).


The only way to clean yourself is to be washed with soap and water (confession and repentance).


This parable draws in 1 Corinthians 1:27’s truth that “God chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.”


I’m sure that it would be included in the parables recorded in Matthew 12 (next to knowing a tree by its fruit)!


O.K., I admit that this “a little out there” (even for me), but I had fun!


   Note: Doug wrote “Master Designer and ‘Tinkerer Extraordinaire’” in last month’s MTS.



    Prayer Requests 

For Steve Sauder

Dear Friends,


This month has been a bit of a nightmare. Steven had 3 different bouts of aspiration pneumonia and was in the hospital for 4 days. The neurologist cut the carb levo (Parkinson’s medication) in half, and the spells picked up horribly. His whole body was getting stiffer and stiffer. Plus he went for weeks without sleeping at all at night.


Against the neurologist’s wishes (but with our doctor’s blessing), we put him back on the full carb levo dosage and slowly withdrew him from the seizure medication. The spells have diminished markedly, and now he is actually sleeping at night!! Plus we have gotten some improvement on the muscle rigidity. Halleluiah!!


Thank you so much for your continued prayers!


Thinking about how unfathomable God’s love is for us . . .

Eph. 3:17  I am rooted deep in love and established securely on love.


  Rooted deep - like a plant, my roots will die if not in the right soil (God’s love never wears out).


  Established - as God’s child in a nasty world, established strong and resistant to Satan.

  Rooted & established in LOVE -

not in wisdom, although that is so great;


 not for His purposes, although we are created thus.


Rather . . . our foundation, our coping, our ability, our assurance all come from the massive love God poured into us coming to earth Himself to die for us.



Vicki (for Steven and Vicki Sauder)
Sarasota, Florida


For Marty



Marty could use some prayers no doubt.


Marty seems to be stuck . . . literally in what seems to me to be limbo. Marty is fighting the battle with his heart, but sometimes it’s like he is stuck. He is trying, but there is no real progression. It would be so nice to see a little light. Marty tries so very hard.


Please pray for LIGHT! Please pray for a window to open. Please pray for Marty’s daughters, who are all going through a rough time right now. Amy, Beth, and Crystal will all be 13 on August 31 and could use a little good news about their dad . . . not to mention starting middle school.


Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support.


Your sister through Jesus Christ,

Reading, Pennsylvania
Sister of Head Injury Survivor

  From Phyllis

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